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“Very modern, sleek, innovative, conveniently located, and offers a wide range of services in one building.”

“Great facility, very convenient to my work place. It is run very efficiently and professionally.”

If you’re a regular reader of our blog posts, you know that the team here at Crossover Health has provided insights relevant to a lot of health issues this past year. And if you’ve visited us for an appointment, you’ll also have seen how many services we have under one roof. Our services and our knowledge are a lot broader than a regular doctor’s office.

Having all of these services is convenient, of course. We can help you address almost any health issue you have, from the flu and lower back pain to improving your vision and managing diabetes. But there’s a bigger idea behind the range of services we provide that really drives not only what we do, but why we do it. I’m the Medical Director of the health team at Crossover Health and I thought you might want to know a little about it.

Your Medical Home
Healthcare is full of lots of terms and acronyms (oh, healthcare loves acronyms!) that really are pretty meaningless when you and your doctor are sitting down discussing you. But one of those terms is important – medical home.

It’s not what you think. A medical home is not someone’s house that’s fitted out with lots of health devices. Instead it’s a philosophy of primary care (the care you get outside of a hospital) that is coordinated, team-based and designed to meet patients where they are. Medical home primary care is based on relationships and is “designed so that care is received in the right place, at the right time, and in the manner that best suits a patient’s needs.” 1

Anyone who’s experienced what I call “traditional healthcare” might scoff at such descriptions. I can understand the skepticism – we all know about what it feels like: assembly line medicine, doctors and others treating patients like ingredients, not people, information run-around and more.

But a medical home, especially as we’ve interpreted it at Crossover Health, is a great foundation for healthcare that is noticeably different, really works and – we think based on our member feedback – is something people like.

Think, first of all, of what we call all of you who have activated your Crossover account. You’re not a patient.. You’re a Crossover member. It’s our way of telling you that you belong to something special and that you really are at the center of what we do. You’re why we’re here.

Now let’s unpack some of those other ideas.

Team based care
Think about where you work and all the people you work with. You don’t all do everything. Each of you has a specialized role. But what makes your business work is when all of those specialized skills are working together towards a common goal. That’s a team.

It’s the same with us. We have nurses, physiotherapists, chiropractors, behavioral therapists and more, all guided by doctors. What’s important though is that all of these people are a team, like you working together towards a common goal. And in our case that goal is your health and wellness. Because we work so closely together, you get the benefit of everyone’s knowledge and insights when it’s needed. Imagine, for instance, coming in to see your doctor, and needing the input of a physio right then. We can do that, whether it’s a quick chat or even an appointment. It’s convenient, but more important, it’s effective care for you. Over time, we hope you see all of our team being your experts, where going to the doctor’s doesn’t necessarily mean having to see a doctor.

Coordinated Care
Our team approach is also part of what we call care coordination. You’ll find when you visit Crossover that we all have the same information about you so there’s no need for repeated tests or conversations. All your information is secure, of course, but we use our technology so you can share it with us, no matter who you’re seeing. We also review what’s important to each member during our team meetings, and when you do need to see someone outside our health center, we can send you to those who provide the right experience and we coordinate your visit schedule and information transfer before and after. It’s all easy. It all just happens.

Accessible Care
Sometimes you feel as though you’re stepped back twenty years when you step into traditional healthcare. Sure, there’s tech around, but none of it is for you. Our prescription for the medical home includes a big dose of technology for you, from being able to schedule online and chatting with your provider to access through your Crossover app to your health dashboard. Our dashboard lets you dig into as little or as much of your health information as you’d like, from checking on prescription advice to keeping track of your wellness programs. Like everything else you do today, you’re connected – to us and to your health.

Customized Care
At Crossover Health, our model ensure that we approach you and your care as a relationship, not an event. This approach to care helps us get to know you well, so we can customize our prevention and wellness programs to meet your specific needs, whatever your age, gender or background and most important, whatever your own goals are. We hope you notice that we’re just as keen on helping you stay well as we are on fixing any health problems that might arise. In fact, we hope you feel you can come in when you’re feeling well, just so that we can help you stay that way.

Crossover Care
I think you’d agree that we’ve all become almost, well, inured, to poor healthcare experiences. And yet, if you could stand back and design the ideal experience, what would it be? Efficient? Simple? Responsive? Reassuring? Optimistic? A partnership?

We thought so too, which is why we built our model on Medical Home principles. The end result for you is simple and engaging but it takes a lot of work behind the scenes, which is why you don’t see a lot of Medical Homes in healthcare. But you do at Crossover Health. In fact, we push the definition further with our own blend of teams, tools, and technology that all work together to create what we hope you see as an awesome member experience.

Next time you’re in, speak to one of us about our approach. Hear about how passionate we are and how we really do believe that healthcare is #allaboutyou.

1 https://www.pcpcc.org/about/medical-homebout/medical-home

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