Day 60: Signs of the Times

01 Jul Day 60: Signs of the Times

Sign (sīn) n.

  1. Something that suggests the presence or existence of a fact, condition, or qualit
  2. A displayed structure bearing lettering or symbols, used to identify or advertise a place of business
  3. A portentous incident or event; a presage

The march toward the grand opening of the flagship Crossover Health clinic continues. We are operating along a different time continuum but wanted to keep our followers abreast of all the updates. The big news last week was that our exterior signs were finally placed on building where our flagship clinic wil be.  This was a big deal for a variety of reasons – primarily it was the first visible sign for members of our team that this is really going to happen.

Laying out the logo and lettering

Fixing the sign to the building

Half way done putting up sign

The sign is officially up!

It was actually a bigger thrill than I expected to see the sign actually up on the building. So much of what we do is in the future – what is going to happen, how things will roll out, and how we plan and visualize our objectives. In fact, even the process of creating the sign involved us creating visual representations of the sign on the building to test a couple of different layouts. From those visualizations the Yesco team went to work and did a fabulous job exactly representing what we had created mentally, then in renderings, and ultimately on the building itself. Participating in this creative process gives real meaning to the term “whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” (attributed to W. Clement Stone).

We have conceived of a game changing model of health care to introduce to south Orange County and beyond. We look forward to introducing the model in more detail in the coming months through all of our various communication channels (here, here, and here).

Stay tune!


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