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Movement is Medicine. Live life to your full potential.

Our program includes virtual and in-person personal training and fitness classes led by Certified Functional Strength Coaches (CFSC). Our elite fitness programming integrates with our Primary Health team to help you reach your goals.

Meet your coach online or in-person. Set up a custom training schedule that meets your needs and your busy life.


Fitness Classes

$25 per class


• High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

• Small groups less than 10

• $35 for non-members*

First class free!

Your first drop-in class is on us – a $25 value!
Just mention this offer when you check in for your first class.

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Join one of our group High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes lead by our Certified Functional Strength Coaches. All of our coaches work alongside our medical team to ensure you get the care and attention you deserve while tracking your biomarkers such as BMI, blood pressure, A1c and strength.

Crossover Health
@ San Tomas

2371 Owen Street
Santa Clara, CA 95054


5PM Monday / Wednesday

Crossover Health
@ Mathilda

323 Soquel Way
Sunnyvale, CA 94085


6AM Tuesday / Thursday
5PM Tuesday / Thursday


Personal Training

$65 per session

Virtual or In-Person

• Mobile app with personalized programming 

• Fitness assessments and remote tracking

• $85 for non-members*

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A Certified Functional Strength Coach will create a personal program tailored to your needs and goals, one on one. Personal training is a great starting point if you are beginning or getting back into an exercise program as well as returning from an injury. All of our coaches work alongside our medical team to ensure you get the care and attention you deserve while tracking your biomarkers such as BMI, blood pressure, A1c and strength.


Personal training sessions are an awesome experience virtually from your remote location or in person at one of our clinics. After you sign up, one of our coaches will reach out to schedule a time the works for you.

Crossover Health
@ Shoreline

1080A La Avenida St.
Mountain View, CA 94043

Crossover Health
@ Mathilda

323 Soquel Way
Sunnyvale, CA 94085

Crossover Health
@ San Tomas

2371 Owen Street
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Crossover Health
@ North First

145 Nicholson Lane
San Jose, CA 95134


Crossover12 Membership

Immersive Health & Fitness Membership Tailored to you

Frequently Asked Questions

Powered by elite-level coaches certified in functional strength training (CFSC), three Bay Area health centers will be offering comprehensive fitness training, reconditioning and personal training virtually and in-person. Crossover Fitness is a results-driven approach to training that covers every aspect necessary to achieve patient’s goals, whether they involve sports performance, weight loss, or a healthier lifestyle. Personal training is designed to integrate closely with our primary care and health coaching teams to improve patient outcomes and help our members reach their health goals.

The Crossover physical medicine team has designed a group fitness class specifically for members to safely improve their overall health and physical fitness. Our classes incorporate short bursts of high-intensity exercises followed by low-intensity activities for optimal results. Certified instructors guide each member’s pace and physical activity to fit each personal fitness level and goal. All levels are welcome to drop in when available to fit your flexible schedule.

Just as you would schedule an appointment with us, simply log in to your Crossover account where you’ll find the class locations and times in the scheduling section.

Each class costs $25 and are 60 minutes long. This fee is not included in your employer-paid Crossover benefit and you will be asked for payment at check-in. For your convenience, you can load your credit card information into your Crossover account to enable automatic class payment upon check-in. If you need assistance setting up your payment method, our hosts will be happy to help, as always.

We recommend you plan to arrive 5-15 minutes before the scheduled class time. Wear workout attire (changing areas available for in-person classes). We’ll supply the hydration station, towels and all of the equipment you’ll need to get fit. Just bring a water bottle.

Currently, Crossover Fitness is comprised of Group Classes, Personal Training Classes and Crossover12 membership. All classes are supervised and conducted by elite level coaches.

Yes! Members receive their first group session for free. After the first introductory class, you will have to purchase a package or pay for classes individually.

Yes, the cutoff is 15 minutes after the scheduled start time of the class. A “no show” is considered when members are more than 15 minutes late. Should this occur we will assist you in scheduling a different group session.

It is our policy that Members are able to cancel scheduled sessions no later than 5pm PST on the day prior to an appointment without incurring a charge. Cancellations or no-shows after this window will require members to pay for the session.

Fitness programs may be eligible for the treatment of a medical condition when accompanied with a prescription or a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN) from a physician with a flexible spending account (FSA), health savings account (HSA) or a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA). Fitness programs reimbursement is not eligible with a dependent care flexible spending account (DCFSA) or a limited care flexible spending account (LCFSA).

  • Patients can use their HSA/FSA/HRA funds to pay for their fitness classes/sessions if they have a signed Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN) from a physician.
  • Crossover cannot guarantee that HSA/HRA/FSA dollars will be approved even with a LMN.
  • Upon member request, a host can create a superbill for them to submit to their HSA/HRA/FSA along with the LMN.

Meet your Crossover Coaches

strength coach

Brendon Rearick, CFSC

Strength Coach

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Brendon’s personal mission is to spread the positive by-products of coaching and movement by using strength and conditioning as his platform. As a member of the Crossover care team, he is on a mission to make physical activity the new “most commonly prescribed drug.”


With a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Brendon got his start at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning (MBSC) in Woburn, MA. The growth-focused environment at MBSC motivated Brendon in a way he had never experienced. Over a few short years he progressed to become the Program Director and earned his massage therapy license. Soon thereafter, he started an education company with four co-workers – Certified Functional Strength Coach. In just three years, CFSC has certified over 3,000 trainers in over 20 countries.


Now a California resident, Brendon travels and coaches often for Certified Functional Strength Coach, and has recently become an active speaker at the Perform Better summit conferences. With an inexhaustible drive to learn more, practice his craft, and be the best version of himself, Brendon dedicates his free time to continuing education, dancing with his 3-year old daughter, reading, writing, and enjoying in the outdoors.



Allison Tanner

Strength Coach

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Allison developed a passion for strength and conditioning when she started training to play Division 1 field hockey at Quinnipiac University located in Hamden, CT. While she attended school she was diagnosed with a brain infection that changed her career path and life plan. She began to realize that health should be a priority and that taking care of your body can sometimes be the best form of medicine.


She earned her degree in Health Sciences from Quinnipiac University in May of 2017 and completed several internships before earning her CSCS in 2018. She also has an FMS certification.


Allison believes that exercise is much more than just getting strong or getting fit. She believes that exercise can help improve health status, movement patterns, prolong life expectancy, as well as build confidence.


Outside of the gym, Allison loves to continue to educate herself as much as possible by reading and spending time with other fitness professionals. She also enjoys going to the beach and traveling.


Olivia Egan-Rudolph, CSFU

Strength Coach

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With degrees in Environmental Science and Political Theory, Olivia’s career path towards fitness was far from conventional. After graduating from UCSC she took a job in the nonprofit sector but quickly encountered burnout. Long-hours, emotionally taxing and poorly rewarded work were commonplace while self-care was seen as a guilty pleasure, a once-in-a-while feel-good luxury instead of an individual and organizational necessity.Olivia realized that the status quo needed to change. She started a practice of radical self-care where movement became an act of self-preservation, not an indulgence. This decision ultimately led her to pursue a career in fitness.


As a high school and college athlete, Olivia developed a passion for sport at an early age. But it wasn’t until her early twenties that she realized that this passion would be the catalyst for a career in health education and physical fitness. Now she’s on a mission to spread the positive byproducts of movement using strength and conditioning as her platform. As an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Functional Strength Coach, Olivia believes that physical activity should be fun, inclusive and effective. She’s a devoted practitioner who believes that exercise is medicine for the body and the mind.

Unlike big commercial gyms that require annual memberships, you’ll feel comfortable in our health-designed, health-inspired fitness rooms. With a Crossover coach supervising your training, you’ll know you are exercising correctly, safely and that it is beneficial for your body, to reach your full potential.

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