Looking for Those #SmoothMoves

01 Apr Looking for Those #SmoothMoves

Jogging injury.

Physical Medicine at Crossover Health

Sometimes our bodies’ physical pain comes from an obvious sources. Lifting something heavy the wrong way. A tumble from your trail bike. Even recovery from surgery. And we all know we need to get some treatment for these pains. But just as problematic is the way we work. People aren’t designed to sit at desks every day. But we all do it, and we regard those aches and pains that come with this as a normal part of everyday life.

Well, the Physical Medicine team at Crossover Health doesn’t settle for this. We have the people and the tools to help make life pain free, whether it’s to fix an acute injury or to help you manage chronic pain, and it’s why this month we want to focus on Physical Medicine.

At Crossover Health, we provide three distinct but complementary approaches to Physical Medicine:

  • Physical Therapy – Regain Joint range, improve functional tracking of joints restore soft tissues/ muscle function and re-educate the body to move most effectively. Also, for prevention of injuries
  • Chiropractic – Increase mobility and restore movement with adjustments
  • Acupuncture – Reduce nervous and muscular tension

Our Physical Medicine providers use evidence-based practice to help assist in diagnosing, controlling and treating symptoms of the soft tissues, articular and the neural systems. Importantly, physical medicine looks at the whole body as a functional unit, which means that while we may start by addressing a particular issue you may have, we really want to look at all the interrelated issues of your joints, muscles, skeletal structure and nerves to provide a sustainable solution. To keep your moves smooth.

Common symptoms we treat include:

  • Reducing or eliminating pain
  • Increasing mobility and stability
  • Progressive strengthening and flexibility exercises
  • Helping achieve more independence
  • Treating headaches, neck pain, and back pain
  • Treating shoulders, hands, and wrist problems
  • Treating hip, knee, and ankle injuries
  • Tingling and numbness of extremities
  • Post-operative pain and discomfort
  • Training individuals in better body mechanics

Our next posts are going to address what each of our specialities focuses on, and how our approach to Physical Medicine at Crossover Health is different. You can also come and meet with us at events we’ll be holding at Crossover Health this month. Check out the events at gocrossoverhealth.com.

Depending on your preferences, medical history and current health concerns, our physical medicine team will work together to ensure success for you, on your terms. Come and meet with us, and see how Physical Medicine can help you make your moves smooth.

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