Master Plan

Build an awesome
“Primary Care Platform” that people love

solve a simple, unsexy problem with a ton of heavy lifting that others in the industry shy away from, instead choosing to chase technology point solutions that don’t “touch the patient.”

Over time, bring in
additional services

to increase engagement depth, breadth, and stickiness of the membership-based health service. 

Use that original unsexy platform as the most effective strategic asset to:

Add even more value-added services like speciality care, referral coordination, curation of specialist networks, etc. that make the primary care platform the “user interface” to the “secondary care” complex, high-cost spend arena.

Continue to move up the value chain by adding “membership” like concierge services that steer and navigate members, engage them in employer-sponsored programs, and then go after the high cost claimants and those with serious chronic disease.

Cut through the noise of digital health — unlock the value of irrelevant and unvalidated digital health by prescribing them in a centralized primary care context and couple tech with ongoing provider touch.

Finish it off with an “overwatch service” that passively monitors, proactively outreaches, and appropriately enrolls members in care programs specific for their care needs, health goals, or performance aspirations.

Do all of this within combination of onsite, nearsite and now virtual health services

to create a nationwide, consistent, integrated, coordinated, and connected “System of Health” for our private network of client employers.

Leverage the heck out of our core technology platform, our massive data repository,

and transition to a technology-enabled health services company that has objective, demonstrable, and repeatable results that are published in peer-reviewed journals.

Show the world that this new form of membership-based primary care can actually achieve the triple aim of lower cost, higher quality, and awesome experience.

See #1 (wash, rinse, repeat)