Test Drive Membership

Right for those who have adopted Crossover as their medical home and wish to work on health goals with their preferred providers.

Keep the love. Keep the benefits.

We now offer personal membership packages for you to continue to enjoy:

Preventive Care
60-minute office visit with a physician for an annual physical or annual well woman exam (including all lab work)

1 visit

Primary Care
30-minute office visit with a physician for urgent or routine care and travel medicine

2 visits

Ancillary Services
Optometry (including annual eye exam), behavioral health, chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, massage and health coaching

3 visits

Member Services
24/7 messaging or phone consultation with a physician; access to patient portal; care coordination and referral management


Total Visits

6 Additional visits at $150 / visit

12 months

Contract Term

A $600 membership access fee and

$99 / month

Frequently Asked Questions

Primary Care: routine office visits with a physician, urgent care visits, episodic care, and travel medicine (this includes all lab tests and immunizations)

Preventative Care: annual physical or annual well-woman exam (this includes all lab tests and immunizations)

Specialty Care:
• Optometry: annual eye exam
• Chiropractic Care
• Physical Therapy
• Acupuncture
• Massage (50 minutes)
• Health Coaching
• Behavioral Health (therapy and counseling)

• Group fitness classes
• Personal training
• Medications: We can dispense 80% of the most commonly prescribed medications in our office for a fee of $5.00 each. For any medication we do not carry, a prescription can be written or electronically sent to the pharmacy of your choice. When you pick your prescriptions up at a pharmacy, you will need to bring your insurance card, and you may be responsible for any co-pays. If you prefer to have your medication sent directly to your home, we can sign you up for our mail order pharmacy program. As a reminder, you may also be responsible for a co-pay when using the mail order pharmacy option.
• Glasses and Contacts: We have onsite VSP-run stores in all of our clinics where you can purchase frames or contacts. If you have VSP insurance you can use that towards your glasses or contacts.

It all depends on the amount and type of care that you think you will want or need throughout the year. Take into consideration your health goals and how you prefer to interact with your healthcare providers.

• The Test Drive Membership is geared towards people who feel able to regulate their health needs independently and who prefer a more self-guided approach. This membership includes one preventative annual exam, two additional primary care physician visits, and three specialty visits which can be used in any combination. However, if you don’t need the two primary care visits, you can access two more specialty visits instead (for a total of five specialty visits). This plan would be a good fit for someone who is in relatively good health, and doesn’t anticipate the need to be seen frequently.

• The Over Drive Membership is geared towards people who prefer more hands on and in-person time with their providers, and who approach their relationship with their healthcare team as more of a partnership. This membership includes one preventative annual exam, three primary care physician visits, and eight specialty visits which can be used in any combination. However, just like the Test Drive, if you don’t need the three primary care visits, you can access three more specialty visits instead (for a total of eleven specialty visits).This plan would be a good fit for someone who visits their doctor more often or who anticipates using our specialty services on a more regular basis.

You can! You will just need to pay for them in addition to your monthly fee.
• Group fitness classes are $25/class
• Personal training is $65/session

Extra visits are simply paid for out of pocket. Here is the fee schedule:

  • Massage: $100
  • Primary Care: $225
  • Optometry: $225
  • Chiropractic Care: $225
  • Physical Therapy: $225
  • Acupuncture: $225
  • Health Coaching: $225
  • Behavioral Health: $225
  • Preventative Care: $350

No. Since personal memberships do not work through insurance, we cannot accept HSA/FSA funds as payment.

It starts on the first of the month following your sign-up date and ends exactly 12 months later.

If you would like to cancel your membership you can do so at any time by emailing us at membership@crossoverhealth.com or submit written notification to one of these locations (crossoverhealth.com/locations-bay-area). Your membership will then terminate on the final day of the month that notification was received. Your access fee shall be refunded if you have not utilized any services and shall be nonrefundable, if you have utilized any services. The monthly fees paid will not be refunded or prorated.

We have five Bay Area nearsite locations, and members are eligible to access any and all of them. Please visit crossoverhealth.com/locations-bay-area for more information.

All of our clinics are open from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. Members who find themselves with an urgent issue outside of business hours can access our on-call physician (this is not for medical emergencies).

Members can message their care team directly via our online patient portal an unlimited amount of times. However, if a question or request is considered too complicated to be addressed in writing, your provider may ask that you schedule an appointment. We typically respond to portal messages within 24-48 business hours.

Yes. However, because we don’t work with insurance, we will not be able to be listed as your PCP on your insurance plan.

No, our physicians are general practitioners. However, we can refer you to any specialists in your area and coordinate with them on your follow up care.

No. Please see question #2 for details on how members can receive medication, and what the related costs and requirements will be.

No. The membership fee only covers services within a Crossover Center.

If you are having a medical emergency you will need to call 9-1-1, or go to the Emergency Room. If you have medical insurance, your visit will be billed accordingly.

No. Membership with Crossover Health is separate from and unrelated to a member’s insurance policy, so no claims will be submitted to insurance.

The Personal Membership Coordinator, Kate Kellett, can answer questions about fees, membership options, services, etc. She can be reached via email at membership@crossoverhealth.com or via direct line at (949) 385-5171.

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