Wellpoint: Speaking my language?

04 Apr Wellpoint: Speaking my language?

Language (lăng’gwĭj) n.
  1. Communication of thoughts and feelings through a system of arbitrary signals, such as voice sounds, gestures, or written symbols.
  2. Such a system as used by a nation, people, or other distinct community
  3. The special vocabulary and usages of a scientific, professional, or other group
  4. A particular manner of expression

I want to be one of the first to fully applaud the efforts of insurer Wellpoint for putting their money where there corporate mouth is. In a landmark announcement a yesterday, Wellpoint informed their employees that their employee incentive compensation will be tied to Wellpoint’s subscribers “Member Health Index “(MHI). The MHI is a mix of 20 nationally and internally developed clinical areas that are indicative of the quality of care received by members (I am going to delve into this and will report back later).

According to Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer Sam Nussbaum, MD, “This is a bold commitment we are making to improve the health of our members. We will work to maintain the health of our members through prevention and screening and seek to gain the best outcomes of care available . . . and will demonstrate how we’re working with our members and physicians and hospitals to improve health.

What? A health plan actually working with its members to improve their health? Attempting to work constructively with doctors to ensure that patients receive the best value? Aligning their corporate incentives to synergistically work in the best interest of the patients and the physicians providing care for them? An insurer actually talking the talk, and now walking the walk? While some people may disparage the new definition of Health Care Value,
or dismiss the enabling technologies/companies and reform movements of the Health 2.0 Bandwagon, the Wellpoint Express has officially left the station.

Putting your money where your mouth is, now that’s speaking my language!

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